Tuesday, July 16, 2019

7 Water Tanks Visual Picture Puzzle to Challenge your Brain

Time to test your visual and observational skills. Here is the 7 interconnected cup in which we want to fill water. Cup numbered 1 getting water and it is distributed to other cups as shown in the picture. Can you observe this picture carefully and tell which of the cup will get filled first?
In this 7 Water Tanks Visual Picture, your task is to find the water tank which will get filled first
Which tank will fill up first?

The answer to this 7 Water Tanks Visual Picture Puzzle can be viewed by clicking on the button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer.


  1. Can't be 5. Tube is capped at the end so must be 3 that fills

  2. No, it's 4.the tap on 1 is lower, so the water will go to 3. The tap on 3 is the lowest toward 4. The others will not fill all the way because the water will flow to the lowest opening first

  3. 3
    Because for number one to go to two the number two tank pipe has to be open but it is closed (which eliminates tanks 2,6,7). So the is only one pipe for tank one which leads to tank three. And all of the other pipes for tank 3 (except of course the one for tank one), the connection (pipe) for tank 4 is closed at the end and the connection for tank 5 is closed before the waster can even flow into the pipe.

    So it is 3.
    IT IS 3

  4. There is only chance to fill the water to tank 1 and tank 3.But tank 1 is situated lower compared to tank 3.So the tank 3 fill first and then tank 1.Since answer is tank 3.

  5. It’s #1. #1fills up in order to fill up #3.

  6. 3 will fill first. 2,4,5,6, and 7 are all capped off.


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